About Me

I’m Jordan and a product content strategist at Facebook. I have a bachelor’s degree in public relations (and studio art) and a master’s degree in integrated marketing communication. I’m experienced in branding and marketing, with skills in design and content creation. I have a passion for advocacy, inclusivity and understanding. Plus, I have a cool cat named Izzy.

My Skills

I'm a creative content strategist with skills in writing for a global audience, Adobe Creative Cloud, content management, UX copywriting, editing, photography, social media management, strategic planning, information technology and video editing.

My Interests

I like writing blogs, binge-watching Netflix, listening to creative non-fiction, using chopsticks, discussing progressive politics and hiking.

Besides that, most of my time is spent exploring the Bay Area and spending time with my friends, family and husband. If you know of any parks or green spaces, organizations I should check out or if you simply want to connect, hit me up.


Organizations I’ve Worked With