SC Legislature Should Pass New Amendment

Our state’s reproductive health education is not meeting the standards it set in 1988 when it passed the Comprehensive Health Education Act (CHEA).

The proposed Healthy Youth Amendment, H.3435, would bring x up to date, providing our states’ students with a comprehensive sex education — something supported by 84 percent of South Carolinians.

Updating and reforming sex education could help delay sexual activity and provide young people information to keep themselves protected and educated, potentially saving our state nearly $200 million dollars.

It’s a no-brainer we should pass legislation such as this, but we need to emphasize the need for reform to our lawmakers.

There are some who believe this new amendment would not be beneficial. Many legislators, without even reading H.3435, are claiming this amendment would eradicate abstinence completely, distribute contraceptives to young children or discourage adoption for teen moms — all of which are false.

Though the majority of citizens support comprehensive sex education, opposition could stop this bill in its tracks, yet again prolonging proper education for young people in South Carolina.

As a student of the university and a citizen of South Carolina, I urge you to ask your representatives to support H.3435, the Healthy Youth Amendment, to help give our youth the information they need to make healthy, smart decisions.