Fair Dinkum: Be real, have integrity and be genuine. That’s the guiding philosophy of gDiapers, an eco-friendly diaper company created to help new parents decrease disposable diaper waste. Founders Jason and Kim Graham-Nye discovered that traditional, disposable diapers are the world’s third-largest contributors to landfills and only 5 percent of the population uses them. With this in mind, they moved from Australia to the U.S. and opened gDiapers in 2004 to combat diaper waste.

Consider Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products

The only baby product that can claim Cradle to Cradle Silver certification is gDiapers. To gain this certification, the company has to meet the following standards:

•  Knowing all chemical ingredients in every product, striving for safe materials.
•  Designing products that can safely return to nature or be recycled.
•  Focusing on renewable energy for manufacturing.
•  Managing water as a precious resource and as a human right.
•  Designing products for anyone to use.

In short, gDiapers minimizes waste and, instead of only focusing on decreasing its carbon footprint, works toward giving back by leaving a positive footprint.

How gDiapers works

Almost everyone understands the concept of diapers, but some people have questions about reusable ones. Although, it’s not as hard as it may seem. gDiapers offers three simple instructions: Choose a pair of gPants (the cloth diaper portion), tuck the disposable insert inside the gPants and, lastly, put it on.

Disposing can get a bit tricky if you don’t read before you flush. There are three steps for disposing that are just as easy as changing. All you have to do is rip, swish and flush. The company states that it is important to follow instructions to ensure the inserts properly degrade.

Connect with Every Mother Counts

Giving consumers the opportunity to help prevent complications around pregnancy and childbirth with Every Mother Counts (EMC) is an important aspect, and, what the company considers a, core function of gDiapers.

Co-founder Kim Graham-Nye volunteered with orphanages all her life, but in 2011 she discovered that every two minutes women die due to pregnancy and childbirth complications – almost all of which are preventable. At that point, Graham-Nye knew she could use gDiapers to make a difference.

With every sale of Gentle Giant gPants, 50% of net proceeds go to EMC. The company also raises awareness through fundraising walking and running events so, as gDiapers puts it, mothers do not have to. In other words, gDiapers helps raise money through EMC runs, and that money goes directly to mothers in critical need. gDiapers isn’t just helping the earth by decreasing its carbon footprint, it's giving back and making a difference.