Do you find yourself wandering the grocery aisles in search of food without antibiotics or added hormones? Are you concerned about animal welfare? Have you heard of Vital Farms?

If you answered "yes" to every question, way to go! If you answered "no" to the last question, no sweat. Learn more about this network of independent, family-owned farms that offers pasture-raised products below.

What's the Vital Farms story?

Its mission is simple: Bring ethically produced food to America's tables by coordinating farms across the nation with a well-defined set of practices. Vital Farms focuses mainly on harvesting eggs, and secondly butter, from Certified Humane pasture-raised hens (and cows). The chickens fertilize the network's farms, keeping the grass green and fresh without harmful chemicals. To top it off, each little hen gets more than 108 square feet of roam room. As for the cows, they're free to graze every day with small herds and are milked twice a day – and some farmers have special massagers to, as Vital Farms reports, "give the [cows] an extra treat."

Shop eggceptional eggs

Vital Farms offers three main types of eggs: Vital Farms Organic, Backyard Eggs and Alfresco Eggs. The basic pasture-raised eggs are Alfresco, while the Backyard Eggs are pasture-raised and non-GMO. Vital Farms Organic eggs are NonGMO Project Verified and USDA Certified Organic. As such, all hens are pasture-raised and forage on a natural diet without pesticides or herbicides.

Where can you find Vital Farms products?

A farm-to-table lifestyle can be hard to manage. However, there are everyday purchases that you can alter to live a more eco-friendly way of life – specifically pasture-raised eggs and butter, instead of factory farm products that support often poor treatment of animals.

To find Vital Farms products, go to the following major retailers: Kroger, Ralphs, Safeway, Target, Wegmans and Whole Foods.

You may find Vital Farms at other chains such as H-E-B, Earth Fare and Walmart (call ahead to check availability, as these stores do not always carry Vital Farms products in certain markets).

Read a few customer reviews!

Want to hear fewer specifics and more testimonials? Check out the following reviews posted by Vital Farms and by consumers on Facebook:

  • "Best eggs I’ve ever Keep up the good work! Please keep them coming." – Corpus Christi, TX, resident.
  • "Truly, you're paying for a significantly higher quality egg. The taste and consistent quality of the eggs are obvious, so that one can easily surmise the nutritional benefit." – Los Angeles, CA, resident.
  • "Texas Chicken Ranch Pasture-raised eggs look and taste the way I remember from my childhood." – Houston, TX, resident.
  • "I don’t mind paying extra for the eggs to help ensure the welfare and good life your birds are having. Thanks for making a difference!" – Flagstaff, AZ, resident.
  • "These are the only eggs we eat now and are happier and healthier for it." – Tulalip, WA, resident.
  • "Keep up your mission and I will be looking forward to purchasing more of your eggs. Give those little chickens a pet for me." Louis Park, MN, resident.